Tips For A Happier Work

For some people, having a friendly environment at work is an essential requisite for deriving pleasure. No matter what the standards are, being content with our careers is crucial for maintaining the ‘work-life’ balance. Being happy at work might not always seem easy, but it is very possible.


1. Make a cup of tea (or coffee) to start your day

I believe that whatever you do in the morning sets the mood for the rest of the day. Making a nice cup of tea or coffee to start off your day can only lead to happiness right?


2. Have a realistic To – Do list

Having a to do list is great and I’m a strong believer that getting organized leads to happiness. However, theres a trap I myself have often fallen into – an UNREALISTIC list. Be kind to yourself and write down a few things that won’t keep you sitting in the office until late but still make you feel like you have done your job and accomplished your most important tasks.

Download your free printable Week Planer template ( PDF  )


3. Create a Playlist to Boost Your Mood

Music can seriously improve your mood (and productivity) when you’re having a bad day. So pull together some of your favorite songs and use the beats to keep you going through the day.


4. Set Limits

Time passes by so fast when you’re concentrated on a project that you might end up sitting in front of your laptop way longer than you meant to. Even though it’s great to have a project you love and want to spend time on, don’t let it take away from your personal life. Stop checking your emails after 9pm and sit down with a nice book. Reserve your weekends for your friends and family and get the break you deserve!

5. Bring in nature

We are biological creatures, so we are deeply affected by our access (or lack of access) to the natural world. Try bringing elements of the outdoors in: get some flowers or indoor plants to add some life to your space. Or if that’s a little too much responsibility then get a cactus which doesn’t need much looking after – and then maybe work on your responsibility skills.

6. Drink Water

This might seem slightly odd, but drinking water basically helps with everything. Keep a tall glass of H2O on your desk—it will help keep you focused and hydrated and will fight away any nagging headache. You will feel amazing, and your office outlook will be improved.


7. Declutter your desk

idy desk, tidy mind. Taking the time to clear surfaces, organise drawers and throw away rubbish can turn a stressful workplace into a calm haven. This doesn’t need to take hours of effort – a few minutes at the end of each day is easily long enough.

Arrange your space so you are comfortable: make sure your monitor is at eye height, and you are square to it (this is important for good posture). And if you’re feeling really ambitious, you could tidy up your desktop and emails.


8. Design Your Own 30-Day Challenges

Setting goals and reaching for objectives increases satisfaction with our lives, increasing self-esteem and positively impacting our perception of what we’re capable of. Progressing toward a goal is the gift the keeps on giving — the further you get along the path, the more psyched up and self-disciplined you become, so that there’s almost no stopping you. At the beginning of each month or quarter, devise a challenge for yourself that you can get enthusiastic about working toward, such undertaking a 30-day sprint to complete a big project, learning a new skill like coding, or taking on a stretch assignment that exposes you to dealing with different people in the company.